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The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.     Takako I. Asahina

In Studio :
photo by celebrity-fashion photographer Frank Capri,
makeup and hair by Sergey Logvinov, using Chanel products.
Outdoor : photo by Jay Shibata
Live Performance at Tokyo 2012.11.15

Making of the New Album "Neo Classic"

YouTube : Takako Ines Assahina Official

Takako's original song
"Parfum Exotique" @ Exotique (2011 Nov.) 

[on  YouTube (Light) /  vimeo (High quality)]

"Musician in New York" @ Exotique (2011 April) 

News & Live Schedule!

"My New York Sound"

6/15 Sat.  
Mr Kelly' s (Osaka)
Start 7:00 pm
4,200 yen
(door :4,500 yen)

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 Contact : tickets@takakopiano.com 


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 CD "Neo Classic." (2012)

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 CD "Musician in New York" (2008)

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 DVD "My New York Sound" (2006)

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